Costa Blanca Property Blog 17-2-10

Spanish home values have risen 10% in past three years

According to the Spanish National Statistics Institute that the average property price in Spain increased by over 10% in the last three years.

In the 12 months up to September 2016, the Spanish housing price index showed that Spanish property prices rose on average by 4% higher. Average Spanish Property price increases have been between 3 -4 % each year during this period.

Since the start of 2104 1.2 million homes in Spain have been sold. Costa Blanca property sales have benefited from this as it is a perennial favourite for UK and Northern European investors.
It appears that interest among international investors has returned. Interestingly, however demand from first time Spanish buyers has increased.

We feel this is likely to be due to

  • A stronger Spanish economy
  • Better job security,
  • Greater mortgage availability
  • Reasonably affordable Spanish property
Posted 11/2/17
Source Spanish National Statistics Institute