Costa Blanca Property Blog 20-07-20

Flying out to look for property to the Costa Blanca? There are some things you should prepare for!

The State Air Safety Agency (AESA) have laid down strict flight precaution requirements linked to controlling the spread of Covid 19

costa blanca property for saleUsing Masks and other precautions

Flights to and from Spain will now offer masks for sale. You will need to have enough masks with you to last the whole flight. As flying to Costa Blanca from most UK airports usually only takes 3.5 hours, this should not be big problem.

You must wear a mask on when you board and will be asked to ensure you have enough for the entire trip. You will be required to place used masks in special bags. You must not drop them on the floor or leave them on your seat.

Flight attendants will demonstrate and explain how to use masks on the journey as part of the normal safety demonstrations You may be refused entry onto the jet if not wearing a mask until you have put one on
Your movement on board will be limited and discouraged. You will find in-flight services substantially reduced.

If food or drink is served they will be in sealed containers. There will probably be no duty free sales You will be encouraged or even required to pay for any services such as extra masks by credit card

Covid-19 symptoms

If you are displaying Covid 19 symptoms you may be refused entry onto the jet. You may be asked to isolate.
If you start to display Covid symptoms during your flight you will be isolated as far as is possible depending upon numbers of people on the flight. This will usually be a window seat on the last row. The nearest toilet will put aside for your use only

Companions travelling with you will also have to isolate where practicable. Only one crew member will attend to you wearing personal protection equipment (PPE),
You must report your case to health authorities, and follow instructions given. This must happen immediately on landing. People sitting near you (within two rows) should be interviewed. Their contact details taken to enable their monitoring.

Ventilation on board

Airlines must ensure passengers are not on board the jet without appropriate ventilation for more than 30 minutes.Some epidemiologists believe the ventilation systems mean the air is safer on board than on the ground.

Covid-19s can be contracted from airborne particles. These can be exhaled through coughing or sneezing, talking, shouting, laughing, or singing. The view is that and the louder the voice is raised and the more effort involved, the greater the number of particles released and the farther they reach.

Having said that, if you are coming to see us in Villamartin or Torrevieja we really look forward to meeting you and helping you find your Spanish property.

Whilst the flight experience will be different, as it usually only lasts 3.5 hours into Alicante we feel you will not find the new restrictions that difficult. They are there to help keep us all safe and we support them totally.