Travelling to Spain? You will need to fill in a form!!

The State Air Safety Agency (AESA) have laid down strict requirements. You will need to declaer your health condition, details of your stay and contact numbers

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A recent requirement introduced by The Spanish Government is completing a health declaration form. You will have disclose medical details and contact data. Everyone when travelling to Spain has to complete the form. This is regardless of age, nationality or residence. This includes holiday makers, long term in Spain, including Spanish Nationals
Forms can be completed up to 48 hours before arrival. If not competed on-line then the airline must provide the form to the passengers. Each form is valid for a single flight.
Online completion can be by the SpTH website, or its mobile phone App.
The SpTH site is easy to follow, covers a long string of frequently-asked questions. Known as a 'health monitoring form' it has sections on personal details, • contact details, and  information about the trip,
It will ask you for your passport number, flight details, email address, and information about your stay. Once you have registered on the SpTH site, you will receive a code allowing them to access it via their email address – and which they must enter where indicated, on the form
Only the health authority uses the data. It is easy to follow, and only takes around five minutes to complete. You will be prompted to download a QR code, which you need to show at the airport.
A paper version can be kept so the health control staff at the arrival airport can scan it. You can scan it yourself on machines set up in many airports.
Once you have signed the form, it will show up in the 'My Travel' section on the SpTH site. Flight seat numbers are required for the form, so for randomly-allocated seating, passengers will need to check in online before they finish their FCS and get their QR code.

One final Point - We hope you have a safe journey!!